A global service

GS+ develops a global offer of dedicated solutions for your medical and biological technologies.

They focus on individual attention and relations. Attentiveness, commitment, trust: the best services are based on a strong bond…

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Marketing & Communication

Excelcom wants to work with you to develop communication that is meaningful and generates emotion and impact in the field of medicine, biology, and chemistry. To break away from the neutrality of the dominant codes, our marketing and media solutions put you in touch with the top talents in communication, technology, graphic arts, etc.

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Education & Training

Educom wants to work with you to optimise technical devices from every angle: functional, personal, social, etc. Our educational solutions convey a total experience. They are interactive, innovative, and adaptable!

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Operational services

Assetdelivery wants simplify et qualify the management of operational services for you.
Our solutions create de news connections based on digital technologies and innovative services.

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