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After a career at HEWLETT PACKARD MEDICAL, AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES, PHILIPS HEALTHCARE including 10 abroad (Europe), Gérard Chassonnaud decides to create EXCELBIO® in 2006. His skills allow him to offer education and training services for the PHILIPS Medical Training Institute (IFM).

Since its inception, the company has continued to evolve. In 2006, it developed an e-learning solution for a CARDINAL HEALTH positive displacement pump, which won in 2008 the innovation award from the SAMTIT association (Sweden) for its design and ease of use.

In 2009, EXCELBIO® broadened its marketing and communication services for the medical sector through its EXCELCOM® brand. CARDINAL HEALTH, MEDLINE, CAREFUSION, PHILIPS HEALTHCARE then trust him.

In 2011, EXCELBIO® developed its service offer and managed the fleet of metrology devices from AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES LIFE SCIENCES, for 14 European countries. In order to optimize the traceability of the devices, a CRM is developed in 3 months. In 2012, EXCELBIO® went beyond the borders of Europe by developing an e-learning site in Chinese for SPACELABS.

In 2014, EXCELBIO® became GS + (GLOBAL SERVICES PLUS) to bring together the different activities of the company and allow it to expand its network of metrology experts.

From 2015 to 2019, GS + continues to diversify its education and service offerings by developing the design of personalized kits (for diabetics and EEG monitoring at home) for ROCHE and BIOSERENITY & SERVIER.

In 2020, the concept of PLUG & USE is introduced, it makes it possible to connect and use IoT easily with after-sales service monitoring. The distribution of services is ensured with our partner BJ LOGICTICS in Annecy. This location, in the center of Europe, is ideal for receiving, storing and sending products.

Throughout these years, clients’ projects have strengthened the expertise of GS +, which today is divided into 3 areas: Education & Training, Marketing & Communication, Distribution & Services.

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