Assetdelivery’s mission is to implement operational solutions pour to deploy after-sales services in France and internationally.

Born of our approach to quality and innovation, our solutions simplify your operational needs and provide reports on performance indicators.



Another vision of externalisation

We work on our partners’ client sites after receiving training and certification from their teams. We manage and coordinate these technical services on a subcontracting basis, according to responsible ethics, and with a commitment concerning the results.


Plus services

GS+ is known for creating e-services, new links via digital technologies and innovative services.


Experience in the sector

Our experience has been obtained by working with market leaders, and puts us in the top ranks in terms of customer satisfaction in after­‐sales services.

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A quality approach

The sectors we work in: medical, biology, and life sciences, impose the very highest standards of excellence and safety. The management of subcontracted activities strengthens our determination to work towards ISO 9001 : 2008 certification.

Our services

Assetdelivery wants to simplify et qualify the management of operational services for you.
Our solutions create new connections based on digital technologies and innovative services.