Our expertise

To support your products and their users, offer new teaching strategies. We work on the link.

Connecting the medical devise to digital and interactive technologies makes innovation possible.

Connecting the user to the information médium leads to the creation of simplified manuals. 70% of problems are caused not by the devices, but their use.

Linking the behaviour and specific characteristics of the learners to the educational content. By adapting
the framework of the instructor led-courses to the attention span of the trainees. By finding the appropriate pace and the catchy slogans for each medium.



Our training courses are structured according to the profile of your teams, in response to theirs needs.

Intra-institutional training courses

Intra-institutional training courses

Ad hoc courses in the fields of health, biology, and life sciences, according to your organisation.

Intra-manufacturer training courses

Intra-manufacturer training courses

A unique ability to listen, for finely tuned integration of your specific characteristics.

Inter-institutional training courses

Inter-institutional training courses

These are based on people from several institutions sharing their experiences in person.

Training strategy coaching

Training strategy coaching

To support the development of your training service and its strategies. Supporting your instructor to handle all your issues.

Digital solutions

Our digital solutions are operational in many countries and are attentive to your markets. Each e-learning project is created through a unique combinaison of talents and experiences.

Teaching methods

Teaching methods

Educom provides the instructor’s expertise. The choice of tools and educational options is the prelude to the creation of storyboards. This is achieved thanks to sound know-how.

Project management

As the living link between our customer and our team, the Project Manager works according to a highly structured methodology and structured procedures. His or her international standing enables effective dialogue with the world headquarters of medical device manufacturers.

Medical expertise

For over 20 years we have mastered many sectors of application: – ultrasound exams, – electrocardiograms, – monitoring, – defibrillator, – foetal monitoring, – perfusion. Teams of experts work together on the storyboard and on creating illustrations or animations to maximise comprehension.


Relevant creation is required for the project to succeed. Our design team proposes the first drafts. After approval of the storyboard, the project takes shape in the production phase: writing, illustrations, animation, videos, etc. and then final programming.

Another perspective…

We bring a fresh perspective to medical illustrations, with a twofold requirement: attention-grabbing aesthetics, and accuracy as an aid to understanding the scientific message. They are designed for multimedia use (lecture, training, user manual, brochure, advertising). Medical experts and our customers’ marketing and sales teams hold a discussion to give each medium the best possible communication potential.