Values make the difference

GS+ develops a  global offer of dedicated solutions for your medical and biological technologies.
They focus on individual attention and relations. Attentiveness, commitment, trust : the best services are based on a strong bond…

A lasting commitment

Medical and biological ethics, respect for the person we are dealing with and for everyone our actions affect: these are the terms of deployment of our expertise.

A truly close relationship

Our interest in the human dimension and our outward-facing perspective on other cultures involves every one of us in an individualised relationship.

A culture of communication

Our working methods are flowing and accessible because we have mastered the world of images and communication technologies.


Creation of “ex-factory” tools


Custom adaptation to the local market


Deployment of operational services

Different solutions

  • icon-strategie-communicationCommunication strategyDefine the meaning of your messages and the consistency of your media.
  • icon-strategie-servicesService strategyDefine your service strategy in France and overseas.
  • icon-plvCreationDesign, draft and produce your on-line and off-line communication media.
  • icon-localisationLocalizationProduce simplified and efficient paper or digital manuals.
  • icon-formationTrainingEducate and train users of your new technologies and applications.
  • icon-manuel-utilisationUser GuideProduce simplified and efficient paper or digital manuals.
  • icon-e-learningE-learningDesign interactive tools for training your users.
  • icon-manuel-techniqueService manualReduce your technical manuals and interactive interfaces.
  • icon-demarche-qualiteQuality approachAccompany your ISO 9001 : 2008 quality approach.
  • icon-centre-reponseResponse CentreInstall your after sales services coordination platform.
  • icon-installationInstallationInstall your equipment on your clients’ sites.
  • icon-maintenanceMaintenanceTake charge of preventive and curative maintenance of your products.
  • icon-calibrationMetrologyTake charge of metrology calibration and management of your facilities.
  • icon-logistiqueSupply chainSet up your spare parts or maintenance logistics platforms.
  • icon-reportingReportingSet up your performance indicators.


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Another perspective…

Building on their international career in a leading healthcare and chemicals company known for the quality of its customer services, the French and Danish founders create Excelbio®.


Assetdelivery® develops equipment maintenance and repair services, working exclusively with manufacturers, according to their approved training courses.

An e-learning course for a Cardinal Health volumetric pump wins a prize awarded by a Swedish association of doctors and healthcare professionals. It is honoured for its innovation, design, and user-friendliness.

Onelink CRM software, used to track technical service activities, is deployed for Agilent Technologies.

Excelcom® offers Marketing Communication services. CareFusion, Medline, and Philips HealthCare assign projects to it.

The Onelink CRM software package is updated to manage and provide traceability for Agilent Technologies, extended to 14 countries in Europe.

American and European manufacturers ask Excelbio to create e.learning websites, including Chinese and Latin American versions.

To support the development of international projects, the GS+ (Global Services +) Group is created on 1st October 2014.

To consolidate customer satisfaction, GS+ works on compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard for Assetdelivery’s and Educom’s activities. Accreditation will take place by end 2016.